Our Story

Aim Different. Scope Apparel aims to empower and educate, promoting critical thinking, self determination and building community by creating outstanding, original, and quality clothing.

Nothing wrong with my aim
just gotta change the target

Established in July 2010 as Scope Urban Apparel, Scope Apparel grew out of the shared visions and collaboration of the founding trio of Jero, Byrd & Jake who cemented what would become Scope in “Fort Reefer” (Jake’s secret mountain lair in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood). By the end of that first summer, Scope had gained a momentum of its own, propelled by a network of artists, entrepreneurs, hustlers and like minds who continue to develop the and drive the dream.

Our Divisions

Scope Enterprises consists of the Scope Apparel clothing line and the Scope Music artist collective.

Our Fam