Anjuli Stars Wins VH1’s Make or Break Linda Perry Project

Congratulations to the #ScopeSouth fam Anjuli Stars for taking home one of the winning spots at the end of VH1’s show Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project.

We had wondered where she had disappeared off to, hoping that it was somewhere creative to cook up more of that heat for which she is known and loved. Little did we know she would re-emerge on a VH1 TV competition show, victorious and working on a new album after being signed by Linda Perry.

Its awesome to see such a deserving and dedicated artist get this kind of support and recognition. Anjuli’s unwavering commitment to developing her singing and songwriting craft is what initially brought us together when she was the first out-of-state artist we recruited for the Scope Music roster. We are excited to see what comes next and can’t wait to here the new music. In the meantime, go follow @AnjuliStars on twitter, IG, FB, Soundcloud etc.

You can read a follow up interview about her experience on the show on VH1.

PSA to the Haters

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