Born on the 1st of U-Lie – FREE DOWNLOAD NOW

Born on the First of U-Lie – The Scope Tape Vol. 1 is the official first Scope Music project although we have been involved in many of the Scope Artists recent releases. This project was a collaboration between the Scope Artists and extended fam – an army of diverse talents and DJ Leah VBRL fam and a long time scope supporter. For this project we gatherd submissions from the ranks of artists and gave Leah the difficult task of narrowing the field and composing a project that represented the family that is scope. What resulted was a 29 track marathon bringing artists together over incredible stylistic and geogrpahical distances.

This project is avaialable for digital download from the scope music store for any price please. The proejct features original and exlusive material from Anjuli Stars, Catch Wreck, Cassius the 5th, KnowBodies, UNO the Prophet, Retrospek, George Watsky, MeTaL, OverTime Often, Pause, Illy Sav, Rey Leon, Sweatshop, Kairo, EvillDewer, Boycott Blues, Asethic, High Key Music, M30 and more.


We will be having and in store celebration for the tapes release and to mark 2 years of Scope on Friday, July 20 2012 at Got Sole 1981 in JP.

RSVP via Facebook.

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