Cocnrete Jungle

Scope Urban Apparel was out in force this Friday at Concrete Jungle, a Pop-Up shop on newbury street put together by the Annie Mulz, for the release party celebrating our boy Pause‘s new project “Stuck on 100.” I just love it when people make something happen in this city – gotta give it up to Annie Mulz for doing their thing and getting a spot like like this up and poppin. Below are some photos of the night. For further flicks check out Catch Wreck‘s recap at

Blizz Cartel, Jero, Pause, Catch Wreck | Chantelle, Illiam Savant, Jero
Catch Wreck, Jordan Martins | Catch Wreck, Fex, Pause, O.T.O
Catch Wreck, Jake, Blizz Cartel | Jake, Pause, Catch Wreck
Catch Wreck, Bree | Catch Wreck, Cassandra from Outlet Magazine, Kayla | Rene Dongo, Jake

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