Conscious Kulturez Review on Allston Pudding

Allston Pudding Boston music blog did a great review of Conscious Kulturez:

Nestled in the corner of the second floor of the garage in Harvard Square is a clothing emporium self described as dedicated to “empowering the people.” Kulturez demonstrated their empowerment in full force last Friday turning their store into a show space for a philanthropic cause. The show itself was hosted by local DJ Miss Jay Dee, co-host of the award winning radio show Beats, Rhymes, and Life and featured performances from MCs: Catch Wreck, OTO, Pause, Cassius V, Rey Leon, and Metal of True East Ent. Fellow Scope Urban Apparel artist, DJ Evilldewer, provided beats for the night, while the members of True East Entertainment, also of Scope fame, provided an exuberant and lively set of krumping. In addition to Kulturez hosting the event, aptly named Conscious Kulturez, was co-sponsored by Scope Urban Apparel, Voices of Liberation, and Grassroots Grind Campaign; all proceeds were donated to Occupy and Feed the Hood. The event was donation only and all artists donated their time and skill to a worthy cause all while showcasing their skill. Read More

They also have some Killer photos from the night by Grace Donnelly. Go check them out: is a great source for uncensored reviews of local music and shows.

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