Scope Music :: March(ing)

While we’ve been receiving the first samples of our Spring ’17 Delivery the ScopeMusic team has been continuing to carry the torch wherever they go from Primo Profit and the Money Mobb taking it to SXSW to DJ Bobby Bangers repping in the DMC battle in NYC…

So, on to the fresh material:

SPNDA dropped a new single off his upcoming collab with Grubby PawzRinse” featuring Paranom and Estee Nack.

The #ScopeSouth homie Kairo dropped a new track “SOLO CUP” last month and in case you missed it (like we dod smh!) check out his project from last year: “TRANQUILO”

Bakari J.B., Rayel and Chronic Tone will all make appreances on the LFOD “24” project alongside some of the best in the bean:

Cassius the 5th and Pause both announced Cover art for their upcoming releases:

And the main man RiP has been staying true to his name in any session he steps in:

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