Scope Music :: SPNDA – Scapegoat ft. Dua (Prod. Rah Intelligence)

Newness from Scope Music Artist the SPNDA:

SPNDA (1/3 of Retrospek) approached his latest single “Scapegoat” with the mentality of stepping up at an open mic and getting some weight off his chest. “The first verse deals more with scapegoats in relationships and the second verse is more general about scapegoats in life.” The song is a departure from the distinctive sound of SPNDA’s last project “The Jeffrey,” a collaborative EP with fellow CCR member EvillDewer, who produced the entire project. “Scapegoat” is produced by Rah Intelligence (another 1/3 of Retro) and features vocals from fellow CCR collaborator Dua (also known as the frontman for Bad Rabbits). It is unclear where this song will end up but SPNDA “didn’t want to let the summer pass without giving you a lil’ something.”

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