Scope Music :: SPNDA – The Disposal (Produced by EvillDewer) Official Music Video

New video off ‘The Jeffrey’!

In “The Disposal,” the latest video off the ‘The Jeffrey,’ SPNDA invades Bartlett Yard, a former MBTA Bus repair depot slated to be torn down in a few weeks. Formerly a toxic community hazard, over the past summer it has been transformed into a community art space and hit up by legendary artists from across the city and beyond (Problak, Deme5, Percy, Team Rekloos, etc.). ‘The Jeffrey’ is a collaborative project between MC SPNDA (1/3 of Retrospek) and Producer/DJ EvillDewer, both from the CCR / Scope Music Family.

The Jeffrey is available for Download and as a Physical CD.



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Grassroots Grind Group

Video by: EbensMatik and Grassroots Grind.

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