ScopeMusic :: EvillDewer – Soul De Rey 3 [ El Mundo Del Rey ]

In the last week of 2013, CCR / Scope Music Artist EvillDewer released his long anticiprated 3rd installment of his Soul De Rey Series of instrumental albums. Soul De Rey 3 [ El Mundo Del Rey ] consists of original production, some of which has been previously release as singles or songs on other peoples projects but not until now as an instrumental expereince.


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“El Mundo Del Rey” The third installment to the Soul De Rey Instrumental series produced in its entirety by Evilldewer.

” World of the King ” LP introduces A much more worldly side of production containing audio samples from A wide array of music genres including, Psych rock, New Age, Prog rock, Funk, Avant-garde, Ambient, Acid Folk and many more all compiled into A 60 minute 20 + track blend (Bonus tracks only available for album downloaders)


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