ScopeMusic :: Rah Intelligence – Swaghili

#CCRMG and #ScopeMusic presents ‘Swaghili’ by Rah Intelligence. Do you speak it?

Roxbury Producer Rah Intelligence Releases Instrumental Project ‘Swaghili’

Cool Collective Reps architect Rah Intelligence’s first solo offering ‘Swaghili’ is a departure from his catalog of projects with group-mates Retrospek and frequent collaborators Catch Wreck, Overtime Often (and others) in several ways. A fully instrumental project, the music stands without vocals, showcasing the producers range and sound. Conceptually, the project was a true spur of the moment creation, drawing together from disparate influences and instigations. Rah explains:

“I just had mad beats – my homie SPNDA (who I just did the ‘Lightskinned’ project with)  we were joking, about the yeezus album, and that line “uh, I be speakin speaking Swaghili!” the line struck  and I just wanted to build a project around that – spur of the moment creation. – The pieces were already coming together and the title was the last piece – it was just perfect timing in the universe. …

Swaghili is available for streaming via SoundCloud and Purchase via BandCamp.

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