The Collab – Scope Urban Apparel x Rob Stull & Ink On Paper

We have been getting a tremendous response to the “Revisited” set we did with Rob Stull and we asked the artist to take some time to explain the history of the pieces and how the collaboration came about:

The Collab

As a young company, Scope Urban Apparel represents the new breed of entrepreneurialism. They combine old school hustle, grind and determination with modern day professionalism, integrity and quality. In just one year, they have successfully established a solid fan base and support that reaches far beyond their point of origin. In 1990 I launched Stulldesigns; a t-shirt line developed with the sole purpose of creating “wearable art” for the consumer. My subject matter featured a series of historically prominent African American leaders within the civil rights movement. A few noteworthy supporters of my early efforts were A Tribe Called Quest, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Spike Lee. Now in 2011, two of those classic Stulldesign images have been given new life. “Revisited” is a collaboration between myself (Ink On Paper) and Scope Urban Apparel, that feature illustrations of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz aka Malcolm X. I’m honored to be the first, in what will be a long list of Artist collaboration projects with Scope. Salute!

Rob Stull
July 2011

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