Wake Up The Earth / Wake Up the City (Recap)

This past Saturday, we joined Blackstonian and Voices of Liberation in setting up a tent again at the 34th Annual Wake Up the Earth Festival and coordinated the Wake Up the City After Party that night, featuring an array of local talent including most of the Scope Artists roster. Sweatshop played during the day at the festival, breaking up what was an otherwise nonstop frenzy over at the tent where we had tees from Scope and VOL, buttons from El Movimineto, CD’s and new tees from Sweatshop and info, incsense, oils and tickets to see the Last Poets in Boston from Blackstonian. We were set up right next to the Bikes Not Bombs tent and got great traffic and feedback throughout the day.

Then it was time for a hasty break-down and schlep over to Spontaneous for the afterparty.

Things started a bit slow and a bit later than on the schedule but that was expected. Magno Garcia broke the ice taking to the stage for 3 songs and a acapella. By the time he left, a sizeable crowd had assembled and applauded a great start to what would be a great show. Then one by one  The Wonder MicsSweatshopRetrospekDagha & Project TreeDom LaCollaMark MerrenGreyScale, Daniella, Cassius the 5thNotorietyMeTaLO.T.OPause and Sofia Snow blessed the stage for a perfect balance of live instrumentation and beats spun by DJ for the night EvillDewerO.T.O even performed a live version “Green Thumbz”  accompanied by live violin. The day and night were a total success and we are excited to bring you more shows and events in the future.

Videos Coming Soon on Scope YouTube Channel. Find Photos of WUTE and Photos of Wake Up the City on the Scope Facebook Page.

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