Catch Wreck in Afro Punk Feature on Boston Hip-Hop

Catch Wreck has been the definition of an Afro Punk since before it was the cool sub-culture it is now. Here’s the writeup he received in the feature on Boston Hip-Hop.

Catch Wreck: Catch Wreck is a different type of rapper. Where Akrobatik may be the type to protest the addition of a new McDonalds, Catch Wreck would probably throw a homemade bomb through the window, hold a revolver in the face of an employee at BET, in hopes that they would cut down on black ignorance or install a virus masquerading as an MP3 on worldstarhiphop. Catch Wreck is a part of the Scope Urban Apparel crew, which pushes positivity and conscious messages in their hip-hop. In Mixtapes such as ADHD and Origins, it’s clear he has plenty of those in spades. Up the black punx!


Catch Wreck’s latest project ‘Origins Vol. 1’

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