ScopeMusic :: Back on the Block

Back on the block! Spring weather is all the way back and so is the #ScopeGang. Here’s the latest roundup of Scope Music news:

EvillDewer has released his  latest full length project ‘Bck On The Blk‘ featuring appearences by Magno Garcia,Haze,Estee Nack, SPNDA and Asethic.

EvillDewer also produced a joint for Magno Garcia “Burning Chandelier.”

JuneLyfe dropped his long awaited single “Cadillac Pimp’In Nissan“.

There was a ton of super live footage from Summer Madness 2. RiP and KiD RiP can be seen crushing it below. Def check out FB for more from the night.

The fam Grubby Pawz just dropped a new track with Paranom and Haze “Basquiat x Warhol”

This last one isn’t new but may be new to you. Either way its worth a spin. Chronic Tone‘s ‘Chronic Soul’ project is the perfect pair for this weekend. Happy cookouts y’all!

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