Scope Music Presents: Chronic Tone – ‘Green in Blue’

Write up by Dart Adams

Chronic Tone is a Boston based producer/artist and educator with an impressive list of production credits (Cassius the 5th, Tosh1, Rosati, Tragic Allies+). He developed a deep appreciation for jazz while taking a transformative class when he was a student in the music program at Northeastern University. It was then that he learned about jazz-era Boston when it was a jazz mecca that even drew the best musicians and vocalists from Harlem via the train who arrived at Back Bay Station, including but not limited to Miles Davis, Bill Evans and John Coltrane (who Tone samples heavily throughout the production of the album).

Chronic Tone was inspired to make a project that preserved the true essence and soul of jazz, paying homage by retaining a traditional “cool” aesthetic and presenting it in a “raw” Hip-Hop format. The end result is the fully self produced 10 track album “Green In Blue“.

While on vacation in Iceland, Chronic Tone & his wife experienced the beautiful sights of a place called Diamond Beach in Jökulsárlón. As they marveled at the majesty of this glacial lagoon which flows out into the vast ocean, they realized that the terrain consisted of two principal colors, green and blue. Chronic Tone felt that this wasn’t by coincidence so he shot an impromptu video right then and there for the title track “Green in Blue”. This brilliant visual captures the breathtaking and serene but simultaneously dangerous Icelandic landscape which is constantly shifting and changing much like the post digital age music industry. You can experience both below:

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